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Our aim is to defend all kinds of rights of all people in all legal systems, to give rights in the shortest and most legal way, to take necessary precautions in order not to lose rights and to give guidance to the parties and to provide necessary consultancy services.






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Real-Estate Buying In Turkey

ESPECIALLY IN TURKEY, FOREIGN-RELATED PROPERTY (REAL ESTATE) PURCHASES OF SALES AND LEASING OF THE MOST RELIABLE WAY THROUGH PROCESSING ATTORNEY IS PERFORMED. Real estate law is a separate branch of law. In our office, there are professional lawyers and related consultants who speak English and who are especially involved in the purchase, sale and rental of real estate by foreigners. All in Turkey, particularly Antalya Mehmet Dursun Law Office as a real estate purchase, sale and rental-related services we provide. We also provide the necessary legal assistance to the sale of real estate to foreigners. Mehmet Dursun in Antalya, Turkey, and...

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HOW IS MEDIATION MEETINGS?The mediator can make preliminary discussions with the parties. Explains the benefits and the difference of the process to the parties in the preliminary interview. The preliminary interview also provides detailed information about the dispute between the parties and helps the parties to learn and identify the issues that will affect the agreement. Pre-interview is not mandatory and can be applied if requested by parties or mediators.The mediator decides on a common day and time to invite the parties to the first session. This session can be done multiple times according to the need. The mediator decides...

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