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2B Land and New Law from Today to Today

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2B Land and New Law from Today to Today

In our law, forests have a unique structure to the kind of person. Regulations that are not aimed at solving the problems of the forest villager and the forest cadastre which has not been completed yet have made the forest a national problem day by day and 2B land law is a work to solve this problem.

It is beneficial to define the forest so that it can be fully understood. Although it is necessary to make the definition of forest, it is very difficult to define the forest by law. Because every tree contains trees, it is not necessary to say forests at all. The source of this definition was made in the first article of Law No. 6831.

Places that are not counted as forests in our law are limited in number 1.of 2 of the same law. Removal of the forest outside the border is the same law 2. This is the basis of the current 2B problem.

It is advisable to briefly mention the legislation on this subject before going into the subject of the places that are taken out of the forest boundary. The first work on moving out of the forest boundary was made with the Constitution 1961. This subject is present in the existing Constitutional Court at 169 and 170, and according to this, pre-1981 forest features have been taken out of the forest boundary. Forests can not be subject to expropriation according to Article 715 of TMK and it is not possible to register to title.

Since the forest problem can not be solved by general regulations, many special arrangements have been made in this regard. The important ones should be briefly mentioned. This is mainly the law 3116. For the first time, the definition of forest was made with this law, and the maquis was counted as forest. The second arrangement is 4785. With this arrangement, with this arrangement, all forests without a deed, except tapes, were nationalized, and the forests were again counted as forests, but the forests were not counted as forests. With the regulation 5658, the nationalized forests were restored to the owners by the regulation 4785.


The most recent regulation, most of which is in force, is the 6831 law, which defines the forest openly, comprehensibly and broadly. This law has also undergone various changes. These have been done by law 1744 and the removal of the forest boundary has been regarded as an administrative boundary correction. In addition to this, the law 2896 has been amended to provide different status to forest villagers and other persons in the process of deporting forests. Parallel to 6831, the law on the development of forest villages 2924 was enacted and it was aimed to sell the places out of the forest boundary to the owners. 3302 Law No. 6831 was also amended and removal from the forest boundary was withdrawn to 1981.

Due to the fact that the laws that we are talking about are not a solution, 2001 law allowing the sale of the places which were excluded from the forest border on behalf of the treasury in 4706 entered into force, but 3.Maddesi enabling the sale of this law was canceled in the Constitutional Court. Due to the contradictions in the legislation, 169 and 170 of the Constitution were amended twice by the parliament, but these amendments were returned by the Presidency. Accordingly, 6292 Law was prepared by the parliament and put into effect.


Before giving information about the law, it is necessary to talk about 2b, what is commonly called the public. According to Article 2 / b of the Forest Law, it has been determined that agricultural lands such as fields, vineyards, orchards, orchards, orchards, olive groves or hazelnuts, as well as livestock such as pasture and pasture, the settlement areas in which they are collectively referred to as 2 / b sites are briefly called. Despite the fact that these places are actually located in a forested area, they are defined as land lost over time.

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